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And how should I begin?

Freddie/genderless/non-allo. Use fae/fim/faer/faers/faerself, he/him, or other singular gender-neutral pronouns in reference to me.

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Aug 12 '13

Wiffleball Wednesday at Noon

For those of you who need extra sleep (after all, we want this fun not dragged out and annoying for lack of sleep), feel free to come late, it’s a very laid-back game.

This will last until, at latest, 6pm or more likely until we are all eaten by mosquitoes.

This is at the park across from my house where we have a little league no-mound perfect for wiffle diamond.

Any complaints?

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Aug 12 '13

UPDATE: 4 votes for noon (6 hours); 1 vote for one pm (5 hours); 0 official votes for two pm (4 hours)

It’s looking like some time between noon and two. It all depends on how long you guys want to play (at the park near my house)/do whatever we end up doing. So do you guys want 4 hours or 6 hours?

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Aug 11 '13

It appears that wiffleball would work well on Wednesday. All the W’s.

Many people who agreed to play have told me they should be good for Wednesday. Let’s to a headcount:

  1. Dwight
  2. Patches
  3. Sprite
  4. Jensen
  5. Myself
  6. Jay
  7. Sprite’s Friend Uno
  8. Sprite’s Friend “Pirate Hooker”

Looks like all we need to finish deciding is a time.

What start-time is good for all (keep in mind that 6pm will be the latest end-time)?

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Aug 1 '13
Oh do not give me that I gave you the same amount of characters you gave me- I COMPLETELY FORGOT CODY SAID THAT

I didn’t even mean to give you six. I thought I put five in the ask. I guess my brain imagined for a while that Mako didn’t actually exist or something

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Aug 1 '13

scooterninja asked:



Why I like them: friend

Why I don’t: This ask.

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Jul 31 '13

scooterninja asked:

a baby robin because they act agressive as fuck but are startled easily also they're really cute


I don’t know how to feel

I guess like it’s accurate

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Jul 22 '13
a doctor. Any doctor who is alivable as soon as possible. Walk in emergency room, urgent care, anybody who has a reliable medical background

There’s this thing called insurance that doesn’t pay for many doctors. And another thing called anxiety that limits how capable I am of interacting with certain types of doctors. And this other thing called reliability which I have yet to find in a doctor.

Have you been to an emergency room? They take forever, leave you uncomfortably sitting in a room with who knows what contaminants, and just send you away without really solving anything, in my experience (nearly killed me a couple of times).

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Jul 21 '13

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Jul 20 '13
What about those body waves you were talking about? If not, fohawk, or boyband

Unfortunately, I don’t think my hair’s ready for that kind of chemical treatment. …exactly what kind of look are you expecting on me?

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Jul 19 '13
dude if we have a wiffleball game while my friend is down here I can totally sucker her and another friend into playing

Oh my, how wonderful!

…when is that again?

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Jul 18 '13

 scooterninja said:dude I’ve already created an over-dramatic anime based on this soon to be wiffleball team everyone has to join

You heard the Sprite. Everyone fall in. To make this work best, around 4 people per team should work. 6 or 7 total people joining up should also work fairly well. Let’s to a headcount:

  1. Dwight
  2. Patches
  3. Sprite
  4. Jensen
  5. Myself
  6. Jay
  7. .
  8. .

Looks like we’re still in need.

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Jul 18 '13
… ok maybe. If we got everyone else to also and everyone promised not to laugh at how bad I am at sports.

Guys, come on, please. It’d be fun. Many of us would be bad and it would be fun!

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Jul 6 '13
  1.  scooterninja answered the question:in stories or in real life because my answer is “yes” to both
  2.  akumastrife answered:all the time
  3.  patchworkprogrammer said:I think em out in my head but I don’t really plan them out and act on them

Raise your hand if you ever practice what life would be like if you lost your dominant arm! *raises left hand*

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