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And how should I begin?

Freddie/genderless/non-allo. Use fae/fim/faer/faers/faerself, he/him, or other singular gender-neutral pronouns in reference to me.

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Sep 9 '13




are oranges named oranges because oranges are orange or is orange called orange because oranges are orange

The colour was named after the fruit. Before that, people would just use the colour red to describe something that we consider orange now. It’s why we call gingers red-heads and why robins are red breasted, when really they’re an orange colour.


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Mar 12 '13

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Jan 22 '13



this guy’s face

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Dec 19 '12

I still can’t get over the fact that the Earth has five moons. That we know of. There could be more. But we already know about FIVE.

They didn’t even have the decency to teach us this in school.

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Dec 13 '12

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Dec 13 '12

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Jul 28 '12

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