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And how should I begin?

Freddie/genderless/non-allo. Use fae/fim/faer/faers/faerself, he/him, or other singular gender-neutral pronouns in reference to me.

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Mar 30 '14

Anonymous asked:

swiggity swag the nightmare stag?

I think I’ll tell you a little story as we enjoy the fine delicacy I have prepared for us to eat tonight:

In a land of mirth, and a time of rife,

America has its ways to delude

Most thought of proper etiquette in life.

There is an abundance of free-range rude

Here in this time, this place, this city of swine.

Even though it has some delightful food,

None are people with whom I’d like to dine

In the daylight out on the town; rather,

Good meals must be had at home with fine wine.

Ham of a different cut, on which I’ll slather

The arrangement of finery I think

Many of you would die for—but I blather.

Antler-handled cutlery chime of a clink,

Ravenous guests are my favourite to kill

Every thought of bad taste. Have another drink.

Such overactive imagination Will

Take a toll on your sanity; I’ve no doubt.

Accept that I’m your friend, I wish you no ill.

Gorge if you must, lift your head, don’t back out.

It is just a meal.

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Jan 17 '14

patchworkprogrammer asked:

green pink

GREEN: I think you’re cute.

Says the green dude

PINK: I love your blog it’s one of my favourite.

I’m not usually a fan of pink, but in this case I am quite fond

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Dec 13 '13

Anonymous asked:

You could ask for books for christmas :o Or maybe warm socks. Or perhaps a drawing or nice pens/pencils

See, but, I have warm socks, I have all the drawing equipment I need and only ever need something new the moment I realize I want to try something different (which has not happened of late), and don’t have time to read books (I’m just not a good reader). And the people asking me are adult family members who cannot do the art thing.

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Sep 6 '13

akumastrife asked:

you should probably drink more water, just saying


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Sep 6 '13

akumastrife asked:

just reminding you to drink water <333

Two big gulps first thing in the morn’ just for you

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Aug 12 '13

doodleswiththoughts asked:

I could see you snapping one day and just going full on serial killer, picking your victims for their obnoxious tendencies such as being horrible room mates. You would knock them out and drag them to a warehouse somewhere and disembowel them, just for the fun of look at real, fresh human remains. <3

Add a bit more cleverness and a lure rather than a drag, and you’ve got a semi-solid theory

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Aug 12 '13

surelickholmes asked:

pictures you stalking someone and making observations and finding a habit of theirs to put poison in like a food or biting their nails with poisoned nail polish

I would, wouldn’t I? It would especially remind me of my childhood fondness for Holes.

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Aug 5 '13

patchworkprogrammer asked:

Oh god piyo I'm sorry I'm on my phone and clicked UNFOLLOW D: I sorry v-v

It’s okay. Pretty humorous, honestly.

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Aug 5 '13

doodleswiththoughts asked:

No bb Austin deserved to be kicked in the gut. Bless.

Yes, good. Though, I am thankful that I had already taken off my heels, that would have just been dangerous.

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Jul 31 '13

scooterninja asked:

a baby robin because they act agressive as fuck but are startled easily also they're really cute


I don’t know how to feel

I guess like it’s accurate

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Jul 31 '13

doodleswiththoughts asked:

I think your patronus is a large, wonderful dog. A Tibeten Mastiff probably.

And all shall fear and love me.

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Jul 27 '13

surelickholmes asked:


I knew it was your doing.

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Jul 27 '13

doodleswiththoughts asked:

Aqua Piyo. Maybe you should make a rule like, not right before bed? then you won't have to wake up.


Nope, wouldn’t help. It takes a bit for it to actually hit me, but then it hits me multiple times… it’s ridiculous. My system just decides, “Oh, you’re finally not active anymore? Gonna make you get back up~”

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