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And how should I begin?

Freddie/genderless/non-allo. Use fae/fim/faer/faers/faerself, he/him, or other singular gender-neutral pronouns in reference to me.

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Dec 11 '12

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Sep 21 '12

20 day celebrity challenge
     09: celebrity who you would love to be best friends with  
 dylan o’brien

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Sep 13 '12


Can everyone just tweet Jeff Davis asking (begging, really) him to put a Slow Kids At Play song somewhere in season 3 (preferably when Stiles is driving his jeep and jamming to music but you know I’m not picky) because I think if enough people ask he would consider it

Can you just imagine Dylan’s face when the whole cast is sitting down watching the episode together and you just see Stiles jamming in the jeep to SKAP? Oh gosh he would be like:

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Sep 7 '12

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Sep 7 '12

The length from the tip of your middle finger to the bottom of the palm of your hand is average penis size….




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Aug 31 '12

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Aug 31 '12



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Aug 28 '12




In which everyone wishes Stiles and Derek would just sleep with each other…


“I dunno, but whatever it was, Derek overheard, and he thought it was freaking hilarious.”

Danny choked on his apple, and everyone else shared an awkward look.

“Danny, you okay bro?” Stiles asked, slapping him on the back. “Oh yeah, and Derek told me to tell you that I do, regularly. Whatever that means.”

“You lucky bastard.”

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Aug 27 '12

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Aug 26 '12




Oh my God.

Ahahahaha oh man this makes me laugh SO FUCKING HARD (i did say aww at some point, i did, but) OH MAN THIS IS SO FUCKING FUNNY THEIR FACES OH MAN

I love this fandom.

it’s funny because it’s true


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Aug 20 '12

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Aug 17 '12

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Aug 13 '12



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