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And how should I begin?

Freddie/genderless/non-allo. Use fae/fim/faer/faers/faerself, he/him, or other singular gender-neutral pronouns in reference to me.

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Sep 5 '12

filed under: that ship you shipped for all of five minutes before everything just went to shit.

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Aug 28 '12




In which everyone wishes Stiles and Derek would just sleep with each other…


“I dunno, but whatever it was, Derek overheard, and he thought it was freaking hilarious.”

Danny choked on his apple, and everyone else shared an awkward look.

“Danny, you okay bro?” Stiles asked, slapping him on the back. “Oh yeah, and Derek told me to tell you that I do, regularly. Whatever that means.”

“You lucky bastard.”

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Aug 26 '12

Teen Wolf Scene Summary



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Aug 2 '12



  • just when you think teen wolf can’t get any worse
  • you remember 
  • matt is the one danny had a crush on

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Jul 30 '12

pet iguana that your cousin Danny had…


pet iguana that your cousin Danny had…

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Jul 23 '12


I just really want more Danny.

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