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Sep 7 '12






Do you think we’re heading to a future where movie posters are paintings and sketches?

They were so great. Maybe I’ll look for some cool examples.


This is How You Paint a 150 Foot Tall Batman
by Irene Gallo

315 Park Avenue South is exactly halfway between my apartment and the Tor offices. For nearly two decades I’ve watched an anonymous group of painters create 150 foot movie poster murals on the side of the building.

I’ve always wondered how they construct the image and what it might look like from up close while it’s being put together. It’s one of the only places where advertising is still painted — it’s an original work and it changes up about once every six weeksI even joked that one day I would sit outside the building all day and wait for the crew to come out.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to resort to stalking. As luck would have it, I ran into Dan Cohen, one of the principle painters at Art FX Murals, at the Illustration Master Class, who was able to fill me in on the process of how one paints a huge Batman (or a huge anything) on the side of a building.

this is probably the building i walk past to get to class… probably. i know there are multiple locations but yeah. it’s pretty impressive stuff. c:

Yeah this is totally the building I walked past on my way to precollege! I had no idea it wasn’t a POSTER!

I saw this on the way to Anime Expo…it was what we used for diractions you know “Turn left at the gaint Batman”

but wow, I had NO IDEA it was painted that is AMAZING

There are a lot of big ones around Hollywood you see them swap out every month or so. I remember watching them work on this one… I forget what the series is really called, it’s some war thing with two generic tough, brown haired stubbly white guys staring forward. It took them unusually long to paint, though, and they left face of the guy in the back until the very end. So for like a week it was this one tough guy with a blank, armoured, human-shaped form looking out almost comfortingly over his shoulder. The reason I can’t remember the name is because I dubbed it “Ghost Boyfriend” while it was in progress and that’s all I can think of it as now.

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Sep 1 '12


Just ran into this on the street. When I asked why they were dressed up they said they were going to the beach.

I want to see a movie about THESE two



Just ran into this on the street. When I asked why they were dressed up they said they were going to the beach.

I want to see a movie about THESE two

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Aug 17 '12



Batman Maybe (original lyrics) (by wekejay)


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Aug 9 '12


i question daily why more gothamites don’t know crazy self-defense moves. i mean, you live in gotham. constant vigilance should be your motto. or invest in tasers or like walk down alleys just air-punching. or light fireworks. the seedy underbelly wouldn’t know what to do if you lit a firecracker and ran away punching the air and yelling how you know karate. right?  god, i wouldn’t last a day in gotham… i can’t even light fireworks well.

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Jul 29 '12



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Jul 28 '12


I love this

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Jun 19 '12


A statue featuring superheroes Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman was displayed during a media preview for the Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The exhibit examined how Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and others have influenced big-name fashion designers.

the world should end and this should be the only thing that survives and then future generations will be convinced they existed during our time

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Jun 2 '12

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May 10 '12

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May 9 '12

AP Tests

So today I took the AP test for Calculus. I had some extra time after the free response portion, so instead of checking my answers -because that seems like such a waste- I opted to draw. Now anyone who has taken an AP test knows that the FRQ section is the part that people will view, so doodling is usually kept to the multiple choice packet that no one looks at. Not this time. A minimum of 2/3 graders will get to feast their eyes on a sketch at the bottom of one of the problems’ pages featuring Ballerina Batman, in a tutu of course, and a whistling Dick Grayson in his Robin costume, scaley panties and all. Let’s see what grade I get for this.

Side story: I got to walk home today because my sister didn’t realize that when I told her to pick me up at noon, that meant to come at noon. Instead I end up walking home to find her watching TV and expecting a call. From a cell phone my mom and I both told her I wouldn’t have today, hence the giving her an exact time to pick me up… 

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Apr 29 '12




(this is so relevant ._.)



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Apr 28 '12
Joe Walker, Brian Holden, Team Starkid - To Be A Man (Holy Musical B@man!)


Most badass song in the whole history of badass songs. The next person I am angry at will hear this song.

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Apr 22 '12

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